unconfirmed places and pictures

Sunset (2000)

"Thoughts....the magic and mystical view on things... . They are...material... . There is a way...not very difficult to....reach things and its one of the most powerful secret in the world." (K. L. Lorker: The Universal Key, 2016)

Wired (2007)

"When they said her name, she got up and went forward. The table, behind which she had been sitting, did not bother anyone. It had a smooth surface." (M. L. Tashman: The stone that knew me, 1993)

One Way (2010)

"Output decreased, feeding tube connected, flow rates...all right, feces bulk decreased, blood levels acceptable... endless belt now corrected in speed."
(M. L. Tashman: Pain for Number 40, 1993)

Lemniskate (2050)

"He closed his eyes for a moment. He thought just three more hours, blinking at the sun. Strange, somehow she seemed garish now, just like the green of trees and shrubs. Somehow ... dazzling."
(M. L. Tashman: Pain for Number 40, 1993)

Sky (2007)

"Tashman reached the roof. The sun heats up the roof around this time, but you have fresh air and a nice view." (M. L. Tashman: Pain for Number 40, 1993)

"Imagine... we go on... regardless of time ... ." (M.L. Tashman: Pain for Number 40, 1993)

In Order (2010)

There is a power working behind all who try to put and keep things in order, fighting the chaos. Chaos is the end of any intelligent working system, the end of control and the end of live.

Away (1999 - 2015)

"With a clicking sound snapped the button. But ...now. Thanks God. Away. I knew they would go away again, those bloody pain." (M. L. Tashman: Pain for Number 40, 1993)

Unauthorized interview (2013)

"We were...and we are on a way... since years and... we always will be. 

Creating is always more important than opinions in the art world. Looking beyond... the limits of the ordinary ... can always be... dangerous in a certain way. Its the consequence to dont mind.. what people may think about our...work. And yes...there is a deep connection between us... always were. Usually people think about art, love or friendship in lifetime frames. We do think far beyond..."  ( The Supernatural Music Store, 2015)

Fire Act (2010)

"She was thrilled and we kissed at the big rock, which reminded me a little at a face. I thought I was in the sky or at least I was not far from it (...). I looked on that rock and suddenly I felt as if I heard my name... very quietly." (M. L. Tashman: The stone that knew me, 1993)

Mountains (1999)

Look around ...slow... take your time. Do you really think... you think your thoughts...or...do you jump back and forth between thousands of thought- streams that are currently on offer. Yes it is nice ... to want... to own ... something ... and at the same time it is ... the most unimportant thing you ever thought about in the world.

the rehearsal room 9 (unconfirmed)

"We use three different rooms at three different places for our work....the rooms have numbers... selected numbers....in room 3 and 6 we develope ideas ... when done we work on... always and only in room 9. It never happend that we ever walked from 3 to 6 or vice versa - never. The only way that lead  from 3 to 6 is always number 9. Its a kind of...triangle... a vortex math path."     ( The Supernatural Music Store, 2015)

Black Disc (2007)

He took this black disc in his hands. Something... some information had to be on it. But where... He turned them and examined them again more closely. There were hundreds of very fine lines on it and these gave their own shading in the backlight. It had to be a code... a code...

the rehearsal room 3

" The house with room 3 is ... well it has its own athmosphere.  It seems...that over the past decades...many events took place here. It had got its own live over the past years." ( The Supernatural Music Store, 2015)

Fire Act (2010)

You see it ... and it is usual for you and without any magic. Even as a child, it was not partycularly interesting for you. But now you see... deep inside it ... for long lasting minutes ... and you slowly recognize what magical transformation... you are watching. You know how little... you know. You just watch... into the fire.

the rehearsal room 6

" This old, silent place provide us a wide space. For what more you can call.  Electricity is all we need... "